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  • Choice of limits for wallets.
  • List of all wallets with limit entry field.
  • By default, it is ‘0’ for all.
  • Protocol HTTPS based operation.
  • Blocking API requests through proxy servers.
  • HTTP request must contain the correct ‘UserAgent’ HTTP heading and must be included in all requests.
  • The following Merchant API management operations are available: create new, review and edit existing, delete.
  • Simple installation
  • Complete automation
  • Instant payment confirmation
  • Secure payment protection
  • Customer Support Service is always ready to help you with installation.
  • To accept online payments, the Merchant’s website must send ТСМ to the Buyer to make a payment for the products or services ordered on the Merchant’s website. After successfully completing the payment, the Buyer will be redirected back to the Merchant’s website.
  • Merchant Checkout page
  • Advanced Cash Login page
  • Payment settings page
  • Payment preview page
  • Additional security page
  • Status processing verification page
  • Result page
  • Success page
  • Failed page

Merchant API Manual, Version 1.9

This document describes how your application can interact with Advanced Cash.

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Instructions for Shopping Cart Interface, Version 1.06

This document describes how your system can interact with Advanced Cash.

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